About the Program

NHPI people are very family oriented and one of the pinnacles of NHPI culture is the concept of 'family'. 'Family' in NHPI context is not limited to the nuclear family being - father, mother, son, daughter. The term for us, is the 'extended family', which means - the nuclear family, and can include the grandfather, grandmother, cousin, friend's son living with us, etc. 

In understanding this concept, many NHPI families, although have migrated abroad, still hold fast to the cultural family niche and therefore live in multigenerational homes. Existing mainstream programs do not extend beyond the nuclear family and because of our large family numbers and residential preferences, NPHI are not eligible. This response causes families to be broken up in order to provide assistance which in turn disrupts the very support system that is crucial for their sustainability.

Introducing the Alaska Pasifika Safe Homes Program