Samantha Fili (she/her)
Co- treasure

Samantha F. Fili was born and raised in Leone, American Samoa. All her early childhood education to secondary education were completed in Leone. She attended and graduated from American Samoa Community College in Fall 2004. Left immediately after that to pursue a Bachelor of arts in Psychology at Alaska Pacific University. Since that shocking-cold arrival in January 2005, Samantha made Alaska her home away from home. This organization is a prime example of what she wishes was available for her and others when she first arrived in Alaska. A place where she can go to seek information about assistance for college students living independently, information about scholarships and grants available to pacific islanders, government assistance for medical needs, and such. She holds a Master of Science in Criminal Justice with an emphasis in criminal behavior. She is a mental health clinician for the Department of Corrections, with years of experience working for community mental health as a clinician. Samantha’s hope and prayer is that this organization will be of a great resource and assistance to our pacific islanders in Alaska. We are in unprecedented times, and she prays you and your family are well, and that you all are taking precautions to stay safe in our community.